Harry Canary tags_1


This past long weekend was cold and rainy. Which, for the most part has been our whole summer. That being said, I spent all of Monday printing. It was glorious, and it was productive. These tags will be part of a set of 6. Three designs x2 – 3 on white with red ink, and 3 on green with black ink… All on French Paper!

Harry Canary tags_2


Harry Canary tags_3

Here it is on press. I only ever used a Boxcar base so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love it and have no complaints.

Harry Canary tags_4 Harry Canary tags_5


First of the three, hanging out to dry.

Harry Canary tags_6

They will come in a box. As usual, I am as much into the packaging as the product inside…