The letterpress is kind of a new thing, to me anyway. Before the press came along to suck up all my time, the bulk of anything ‘handmade’ that I was producing was by way of paint, not ink. The most recent series completed, and still in progress, being lake surfaces.



Harry Canary Co_East Green Bay Harry Canary Co

Before that, food. These were produced for a local cookbook to be used as section divisions and are now hanging outside of a commercial kitchen.

Harry Canary_lemons

Before that, there were dogs, fish and birds. I don’t know how the fish things started, but the dogs are all by way of request. Christmas time is prime dog painting season. The fish, I was excited about. I painted a lot of them. I painted them big and small. I printed cards. Then one day someone bought them all. Every piece… All of the fishes in the sea, as merchandise for a small shop. And that was that, they were gone, so I moved on to birds.

Harry Canary Co Harry Canary Co

There were also lots of birds – Geese, ducks, a seagull, lots of roosters, bluejay, a couple of heron.Harry Canary CoDawgs.Harry Canary CoThere you have it. I am a graphic designer. But always an artist first.