Harry Canary DIY_rubber stamp

Up first on the list of project is how to turn any old sketch into a rubber stamp. In this case, I’ve used it to create greeting cards, but there is no reason why you couldn’t use it to make gift tags, wrap, or anything else you can dream up.

Step 1: So, first things first, you need a sketch! I drew my peace wreath just slightly larger than I wanted the stamp to be. There is no real rule here. Just know that if you draw it smaller, you will have to blow it up, making all of the lines a little bit fatter. Or the opposite, if you draw it too big, when you shrink it down you could loose some of the detail.

Harry Canary_Wreath Sketch

Step 2: Appropriate dpi. This sounds harder than it is. You can find this panel under Image > Image Size. The dpi should be 300 dpi AND the size should be close to what you want the finished size to be.

HC  |  Peace Wreath Levels

Step 3: Once you’ve scanned your drawing… Open it in Photoshop. We need to make the lines as solid as possible so they don’t fall away when it is turned into rubber. You can find the Levels panel under Image > Adjustments > Levels. In the simplest terms, the little black arrow increased or decreased the amount of black, the little white arrow controls the white, and the grey one in the middle controls the mid tones. Depending on your sketch (and what you used to draw with) how you adjust the arrows with vary. Slide the controls until the lines look as solid as possible.

HC  |  Peace Wreath dpiStep 4: Upload you design, order and wait for the postman! I ordered mine from Simon’s Stamps and it was about $40. A one time investment that is totally worth it. A little tip: When I ordered the stamp, I also got an oversized stamp pad. This will save you from trying to make sure the whole design is inked up while doing it in patches.

Step 5: Stamp away, in every colour, on anything that you can get your little hands on. Since I’ve done this project, I’ve also had gift wrap printed. But I will show you that later… Once you have a solid, or one colour, hi-resolution file of your drawing, there will be many more opportunities to use it.  Harry Canary stamp

Harry Canary card Harry Canary_peace wreaths