Harry Canary ChalkboardThis is an easy one. Like on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the simplest ‘glue macaroni to paper’, type craft… this project is a 1.5. It is the easiest of easy and requires supplies that anyone can find. I happened to have white paint and chalkboard paint on hand, so all I had to find was an old picture frame. But if you don’t have chalkboard paint, you can buy it at most hardware stores (mine is from Home Depot, here)


Step one: Find an old picture frame. This one is from the Salvation Army. It was less an $1. The title under the print says Suspense. Is the suspense killing you? It’s killing me too. Anyway, If I would have had one at home, I would have used that. With some old sand paper, rough up the surface, including the glass. Yes we are going to paint the glass too. I did this for two reasons. 1. It gives you that super smooth surface. 2. It’s all about the sound. Writing directly on the glass gives you that ‘chalk on slate’ sound of a real chalkboard. And I like that.

Harry Canary Chalkboard


Step two: Give the entire thing, including the glass, a good coat of paint. I chose white. You can paint it whatever colour you like. Let it dry and repeat. Let is dry again… and repeat again. Make sure to let it dry completely between coats so it doesn’t scratch off later.Harry Canary Chalkboard


Step three: Tape off the frame. Make sure that you get right into the corners. I used 3M Scotch Blue painters tape, which similar to Frog Tape. It is not to be confused with regular old blue painters tape from Trading Spaces days. This is different. This year we’ve painted 2 ceilings, 3 rooms, 2 hallways and a house full of trim… and I’ve used it for everything.Harry Canary Chalkboard

Step four: Fill in the chalkboard. I also did two or three coats here. No need to stress. If by chance some of your chalkboard paint leaks, you can always touch up the frame later with a little brush. IF you don’t want to buy chalkboard paint, you can also make some with one of the many recipes online.Harry Canary Chalkboard

Step five: Voila! Prop it up. Rub some chalk into it and wipe it around to ‘season’ the chalkboard. This one has found a home in the kitchen as a Baking Checklist, but would also be great to keep track of groceries, or at the front door for coming and going messages. What would you use it for?Harry Canary Chalkboard