Every once in a while I take a wedding invitation. I used to take a lot, but there is a story there. Now the invitations I take on are generally reserved for friends getting married or people who I know that together we can make something really cool, or in this case, both. ‘Special’ projects… for very special people only.

Rock'n'Roll Pirate Wedding InviationOn to the invite – She works in fashion, he is in a band. They told me they were having a Rock’n'Roll Pirate themed wedding but didn’t know what that meant, and that they wanted skulls. So, naturally, when the bride says skulls, the bride gets skulls!Jen and Mike - Vancouver, BC

The whole thing together has an on the road, backstage pass, playbill feel. There is no blank folder here, every part has a purpose…

Jen and Mike - Vancouver, BCEach piece is like a little ephemeral token picked up along a road trip and folded into one package.Jen and Mike - Vancouver, BC


One of the perks of designing wedding invitations for friends is being able to say things like, let’s use any of the budget you were going to spend on design and add it to the print budget for letterpress. And they say ok, and then that’s when Everlovin’¬†Press comes in and we make awesome stuff like this.

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These two couldn’t have been better clients. We are in the process of working up a list of the next (wedding day related) pieces to create. I’ll be sure to share when the time comes.